/Real-Time Package Tracking

Real-Time Package Tracking

Pacific Stock Transfer Co. is excited to announce the upcoming release of the beta version of their Package Tracking software. The software will allow all involved parties to track, in real-time, the status of their packages and items as they are processed by Pacific Stock. The tracking capabilities will allow shareholders, issuers and stakeholders to receive confirmation of receipt and real-time notification of completion and shipment of their items. Pacific Stock Transfer plans to continue developing its tracking capabilities to allow a real-time view of the status and processing stage of each item it receives.

Pacific Stock plans to release their Package Tracking software over the next 60-90 days and is excited to offer such a distinctive and value added service to their clients. “This will be distinct from our current iPST online service,” Pacific Stock Transfer’s CEO, Joseph Meuse said, “because it offers real-time tracking. This kind of program exists in almost every industry but ours. We are changing that. This unique capability is not offered by any other Transfer Agent and we are excited to be the first to offer it in our industry.” Pacific Stock Transfer hopes that the Package Tracking software will help in sustaining clear communication pathways between the company and its clients.

Parties interested in testing the company’s beta version of their Package Tracking software can visit www.pacificstocktransfer.com/package-tracking for more information.


Pacific Stock Transfer Company is an independent Stock Transfer Agent, headquartered in Las Vegas, celebrating its 30th year in the securities industry. Registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and a member of the Securities Transfer Association, Inc., Pacific Stock Transfer is dedicated to serving the needs of domestic and international companies, both public and non-public. As we celebrate our 30th anniversary, we represent over 950 Issuers, comprised of 250,000+ stockholders.

Pacific Stock Transfer opened in 1983, with the primary goal of providing outstanding customer service, not only to our client companies and their shareholders, but also to the brokerage community. Pacific Stock Transfer brings a depth of knowledge and experience, and a willingness to work with our client base to provide them with the most complete and comprehensive transfer agent services available.

Contact Ralleigh Grandberry IV at (702) 361-3033 or Ralleigh@pacificstocktransfer.com for more information.

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