/2 Hours Free Remote IT Help-Desk

2 Hours Free Remote IT Help-Desk

February 1, 2013: BITS Technology Professional Services Network Offering

2 HOURS FREE REMOTE IT HELP-DESK – PSG Professional Services Network

Pacific Services Group is pleased to introduce their first Professional Services Network offering: 2 hours of free remote IT help-desk support through one of our service providers, BITS Technology.

As a part of our ongoing efforts to bring unique and value-adding services to our clients, we have launched our Professional Services Network this month, with additional service offerings to continue into 2013. The network will allow clients to access valuable free service offerings from Pacific Stock partners in areas such as IT, legal, accounting, and other applicable service sectors.

We are confident to that this Network will provide real value to you and your company.

For more information, or to utilize our current IT service offering please visit www.pacificstocktransfer.com/PSN or contact me directly at 571-485-9999. The Network is an exclusive offer for Pacific Services Group clients only. To visit BITS Technology and see what they can do for you, go to http://www.bitstechnology.com.

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