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Due to the ever-changing regulatory environment and variances in the market, Pacific Services Group recognizes the importance of being a detailed and compliant transfer agent.

That is why we pride ourselves on accuracy and maintain an expeditious turnaround time when processing all of your transactions. The primary responsibility of a transfer agent is to handle new issuances, stock transfers, legend removals and various shareholder inquires, so we incorporate proficiency and precision into every facet of business.

We strive to complete every item in a timely manner for our clients and their shareholders. We appreciate any feedback so that we can provide a superior level of customer service. Please contact us any time with questions or concerns.

Our Services

Let us service all your transfer needs

Pacific Services Group provides responsive, innovative and comprehensive transfer agency services for institutional investors, asset managers, brokers and equity issuers. We can accommodate your organization in every facet of the highly regulated transfer industry. Whether it’s an IPO, transferring a certificate or private capital fund raising, let us assist your needs with our enterprise-leading knowledge.

We have industry capable solutions that far exceed other agencies; our staff will provide prompt and accurate service along with swift turnaround times. Don’t be swayed by promises of a knowledgeable staff. Instead, let our visionary team show you what benchmark setting standards truly are.


Issuers of Pacific Stock Transfer and Capital Transfer Agency are welcome to apply for FAST status with DTCC to participate in DWAC and DRS share transfers. Please inquire to discuss in more detail!

Are you considering initiating a corporate action?

Our expert staff will personally guide your organization through the rigors of corporate actions from beginning to end. Our experienced team can handle all aspects including: mergers, acquisitions, forward and reverse stock splits, stock dividend disbursements, spin-offs, name changes, and changes of officers and directors, shareholder mailings, shareholder reports, and 1099 mailings.

We offer individual packages that ensure profitability and limited exposure due to our efficient turnaround time.

Providing our client with the most up to date information is one of the ways we can assist your company. Meeting the needs of our clients is important to Pacific Services Group, and reports are one of our greatest tools in achieving this. Different companies have different needs and therefore we provide a variety of reports such as individual and complete shareholder lists, which come in a variety of formats for easy sorting. Additionally, we can also provide transaction journals, audit confirmations and capitalization reports. Understanding our clients’ needs allows us to grow so we encourage feedback so that we can best meet the needs of your company. We know that these reports are important to running your company, so almost all reports are offered at no additional cost.
Pacific Services Group maintains complete and accurate records of all transactions through our state-of-the-art system. Our permanent record keeping system is in direct compliance with all SEC regulations and is readily accessible. Every type of shareholder reports is available electronically by request as well as you are now eligible to obtain electronically access reports and forms through our website.

Your stock certificate says a lot about your company.

Allow our highly specialized staff to assist you with designing, formatting, and producing your certificates. Pacific Services Group Company can accommodate all your certificate printing needs, whether just by updating your current certificates to match any sudden changes, to creating a whole new certificate to reflect a new direction your firm is heading, let us assist you along with providing cost effective solutions.

Is your organization in need of proxy services? Before you begin issuing a proxy, let us help your firm get the vote out and conversely back in, so you can have your results faster and more accurately than before.

Pacific Services Group utilizes all the necessary tools and logistics to provide any portion of proxy services related to direct shareholders: from proxy mailing, vote tabulation, and reporting for your annual meeting.

Pacific Services Group provides proxy services in conjunction with corporate elections for shareholders who are entitled to cast votes, according to their ownership interest.

In addition Pacific Services Group also administers informational mailing and printing services for all your client communication needs.

Requesting New CUSIP Number, CUSIP Issuance (U.S. Or Int’l Incorprated), CUSIP Issuance (CAD Incorporated)

Pacific Transfer Group will assist your company with the process of reuniting shareholders with their assets prior to the escheatment process. PSG offers a solution for lost, deceased and un-exchanged shareholders, helping clients avoid the high cost of maintaining shareholder accounts with unclaimed assets.

Specialty Services


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