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Access for Issuers Shareholders

iPST provides internet access to your shareholder accounting information.

Shareholder Address Information

Shareholders can manage their own accounts. They can update their own address, phone and mailing and emailing preferences as they wish.

Provides Mail Merge and Label Data

Print Individual Statements or one of dozens of reports to get the information that you need.


Reports provide a comprehensive view of the shareholder information for the issuer as well as statements and confirmations for shareholder. Most reports have multiple sorting and filtering options.

  • Shareholder Statements
  • Company Status
  • Certificate Register
  • Split and Dividend Reporting
  • Insider Ownership
  • Sponsorship
  • Percentage of Ownership
  • Web Activity Log
  • List of Restricted Certificates

And many moreā€¦

Proxy Voting

Shareholders can place their votes on the internet to directly update StockTrack proxy vote. (Phone voting also available)


User logins and passwords are required for access to the site.
All activities on the website are logged and are available for review and reporting. These reports can be used to check who, when, how often and for what purposes the system is used. Emails are sent to the appropriate shareholder to confirm that changes were authorized.