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How to Access iPST

Initial Email

An automated email will be sent to the registered email address of the administrator of the Issuer iPST page or registered shareholders with a Reset Code (temporary password) and a link to create a new password.  Always copy the Reset Code and paste it once prompted through the link to avoid any misspellings.  Initial Usernames will always be the email address on file, but can be changed once logged on.  The link and Reset Code expires two (2) hours after delivery, so follow the instructions below if you have difficulty logging on.

Initiate A New Reset Code

If the link or Reset Code expires before you gain access, please click the link below and follow the prompts to generate a new email with a valid Reset Code.

Forgot Password

If the Issuer Administrator or Shareholders forget their password, the link below can also be used to generate a new Reset Code and create a new password.


Issuer Access

What is iPST

iPST is Pacific Stock Transfer’s online system to provide issuers and shareholders access to account information directly from our transfer agent software, StockTrack.  Using iPST allows for 24/7 secure online access to reports and other important issuer or shareholder information in either PDF or Excel format.


Reports provide a comprehensive view of the shareholder information for the issuer with multiple sorting and filtering options.

  • Shareholder Lists
  • Transaction Journals
  • Audit Confirmations
  • Share Structure
  • Certificate Registers
  • Shareholder Statements
  • Split and Dividend Reporting
  • Company Information
  • Proxy Voting
  • And many more…


The display options and content on iPST can be customized by the administrator of the Issuer iPST page under “Website Maintenance” menu.

  • Bulletin Board- this is the area in which content can be posted and displayed for all Shareholders with access. The space can be used to post special announcements such as earnings, dividend declarations, or other relevant information about the company.
  • Links- links are displayed adjacent to the Bulletin Board and provide Shareholders with one click access to hyperlinks for press releases, SEC filings, your website, stock quotes, or PST’s website.
  • Theme- you have the option of using default iPST theme, choosing from predefined themes from a menu, or creating your own display themes through Bootstrap or BootSwatchr.


User logins and passwords are required for access to the site.  All activities on the website are logged and are available for review and reporting. These reports can be used to check who, when, how often and for what purposes the system is used.

Shareholder Access

Granting Shareholder Access

Shareholders having access their own account information allows for increased transparency between PST, our Issuers, and Shareholders.  Shareholders can view holdings, statements, vote proxies, and account information such as address, phone number, and email preferences.  Access to iPST for Shareholders must be requested by the Issuer and can be granted to any registered shareholder with a valid email address.  Once requested by the Issuer, login information can be initiated by PST or through the administrator of the Issuer’s iPST account through the “Grant Holder Access” menu option.

Using iPST

Shareholders have a comprehensive view to their information with multiple sorting and filtering options.

  • Holdings- detailed and summary holdings
  • View Account Information- registration name, phone, mailing address, and email
  • Statements- official statement of transactions and holdings during specific time periods
  • Contact- allows shareholders to contact PST directly for inquiries
  • Manage Account- change username, password, or email address
  • Proxy- vote proxy online through iPST
  • Split and Dividend Reporting