Testimonials and references are critical to our continued growth efforts to provide a reliable resource prospective clients can count on. Results and success stories speak for themselves, so please review the experiences some of our clients and/or industry professionals have had with Pacific Stock Transfer.

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“Pacific Stock Transfer has provided our company with outstanding work & service for many years. Annually, we consider the performance and benefit of each vendor with which we do business and when we analyze the cost, the results, the customer service and the regulatory compliance provided by Pacific Stock Transfer, our rapid conclusion is why change .. we already are working with the best! Highly recommend Pacific Stock Transfer and their menu of services for public issuers.”

-Christopher D., Issuer

“I have been dealing with Pacific Stock Transfer and the entire team is professional, prompt and extremely efficient. From Joslyn Claiborne to Diedre to Michelle and Jackie always helpful and willing to go the extra mile to assist stockholders. Highly recommend them for a Transfer Agent.”

-Wayne, H., Issuer

“This Transfer Company has been outstanding to work with as a small OTC company. The service has been excellent and they are always available for questions. Our company highly recommends them to all SEC companies.”

-Bob R., Issuer

“Very Professional, Courteous, Diligent, and Pleasant. Dealing with Joslyn was such a pleasure. She took care of me with fantastic knowledge and sincerity. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND PACIFIC STOCK TRANSFER.”

-Christopher W., Issuer

“I’ve been dealing with quite a few stock transfer companies over the past few years and I have to say that dealing with Pacific Stock Transfer has been one of my best experiences.  They go above and beyond what’s expected of them.”

-Yohan N., Investor

“I am in the service industry and I am often amazed at the poor service most firms offer. Your firm on the other hand is exceptional. Polite, professional and prompt service. You should be well congratulated.”

-William F., Issuer

“PST is there for you when you need them. My company took a hit having made a bad business decision but you live and learn. PST was there and still is while we regroup and recover and prosper.”

-Grant N., Issuer

“You guys are peerless and it’s not even close…Just refer to them as “The Best” TA and everyone will know what you mean.”

-Satisfied Shareholder/Investor

“Simply The Best.”

-Neil B., CPA