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Pacific Stock Transfer Services For Other Transfer Agents

With an increased amount of regulation and requirements by the SEC and other regulatory bodies, acting as a transfer agent (for your own entity or other entities) is becoming more expensive and difficult. Many small agents or companies processing transfer agent duties in-house may not have the resources required to provide certain services.

Pacific Stock Transfer has served as a co-agent for multiple years providing DWAC, FAST, and DRS, dividend paying services, printing, preferred share transfers, and more. If you are looking to optimize costs by outsourcing certain services, please reach out to discuss getting started.

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Have you ever considered getting out of the transfer agent industry and selling your book of business? Pacific Stock Transfer has grown through the years with multiple completed and very successful acquisitions.

You can trust PST to service your clients with the utmost respect and professionalism. Because we are a large transfer agent with over 25 years of experience, we can potentially offer significant price flexibility and additional services to help your clients succeed.

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Pacific Stock Transfer is able to leverage its international experience and services to assist Canadian publicly listed companies in the United States. Whether the company is looking to dual list on US exchanges, or is looking for a new co-agent int he U.S., please inquire about how we can assist in any way..

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