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Bill Saeger

Senior Vice President

[email protected]

The PST Difference

Banks, both public and private, are continually faced with navigating an increasingly complex securities market. Pacific Stock Transfer helps our banking clients meet today’s challenges and fulfill their long-term strategic objectives.


By choosing to work with PST as your stock transfer agent, we become a part of your bank’s team to assist in managing shareholder record keeping and investor inquiries, providing highly personalized, responsive, and accurate service. We recognize that tailoring our services to your bank’s unique needs is essential, which is why we’d be happy to arrange a meeting with your executives and directors to go through the range of services PST has to offer.


Mr. William Saeger, Pacific Stock Transfer’s SVP of Bank Stock Transfer Services, has worked in the banking industry for more than 25 years. During this time, he has cultivated various niche markets within the industry, in addition to forging relationships with more than 1,000 banks. Mr. Saeger’s other notable accomplishments include more than 400 mutual to stock conversions, 200 non-SEC registered private banks, 100 DeNovo offerings, 500 bank mergers, and the seamless conversion of more than 200 banks from less specialized stock transfer agents.

Bank Stock Transfer Agent Services

Grid of services for transfer agents

Private and SEC Exempt Banks

The bank specialists at PST have worked with more than 200 private banks, in addition to banks that have de-registered with the SEC under the Jobs act. Thanks to our extensive experience, we are able to assist with the many complexities of using a stock transfer agent while remaining a private bank.

Our services include:

  • Minimizing the involvement of a bank’s upper management
  • Maintaining and distributing listings of interested buyers or sellers on behalf of the bank
  • Establishing a market maker to help maintain a fair market for the bank’s shareholders
  • Cresting DTC eligibility for street shareholders
  • Instituting and establishing OTC listing (QX, QB, Pink)
  • Providing OTC-required financial filings requirements on behalf of the bank
  • Eliminating in-house transfer agent requirements and liabilities
  • Tracking family ownership, paying dividends, and producing K-1s for Sub-S corps

Mutual to Stock Conversions

Converting to a publicly-traded bank is a big milestone, and there are a number of items that require expert coordination between your stock transfer agent, underwriter, attorneys, printers, and ESOP Administrator. PST can help.


Mr. William Saeger, PST’s SVP of Bank Stock Transfer Services, is a specialist in mutual to stock conversions, and will seamlessly address all aspects of the transfer, allowing your team to focus on banking. Mr. Saeger has worked with more than 500 conversions, and can guarantee a smooth transition to stock ownership.

DeNovo Banks

Starting a DeNovo bank has become an increasingly complex process.  PST’s specialists have worked with more than 100 DeNovo banks and can streamline the entire process, from acting as escrow agent to establishing subscription formats and issuing the stock.  We have worked with the majority of the law firms that specialize in DeNovo offerings and can guarantee a smooth transition to stock ownership.

Bank Shareholder Relations

Your success is our success, which is why providing exceptional service to your shareholders is important to us. Any and all questions will be answered by knowledgeable and dedicated PST team members.

Annual Meeting and Depositor Voting

The banking specialists at PST have experience in the proper coordination of annual meeting and depositor voting.  This includes second step conversions, as well as dividend waiver voting for mutual holding companies.  Our print services provide one-stop shopping and simplified coordination.  In addition, we provide special support to underwriters when needed.


Our services include:

  • Explaining and coordinating the annual meeting process
  • Producing properly formatted files
  • Developing the proxy card, and internet voting
  • Coordination and printing of all material
  • Performing the broker search and distribution to the street shareholders
  • Mailing of the annual meeting material to shareholders
  • Working with each of your bank branches to receive in proxy cards that were dropped off or provide duplicate proxy cards
  • Providing online access and electronic voting
  • Providing 2nd and 3rd mailings to targeted non-voted holders
  • Providing follow up email blasts to target groups
  • Providing reports of voted each day
  • Seamless interface to proxy solicitation specialists
  • Acting as inspector of election
  • Virtual meeting set up and coordination

Proxy Solicitation Services

Getting the vote for your annual meeting is important. The annual meeting is an opportunity to develop and maintain key relationships with your registered shareholders, employees, and beneficial shareholders. Our bank team will help you navigate the complex regulations and proxy processes, make recommendations on when a solicitation firm is needed, and assist with the implementation of tactical plans for obtaining shareholder approval.

Dividend Check Distribution

The PST team will work with you to coordinate the process of implementing and distributing dividend checks. Our services include producing checks customized with your bank’s logo, mailing, reconciliation, replacement, IRS filings, and producing 1099INTs. In addition, we will track escheatment requirements and perform escheatment, if needed.

Printing Services

We offer integrated solutions that cover the entire spectrum of communications including annual meeting material, envelopes, checks and dividend reinvestment statements; all using the bank’s colors and logo to emphasize branding to your bank.


  • Graphics and design
  • Low-cost printing for smaller banks.
  • A production model that is cost-effective, stable, and large enough to handle projects of any size

Dividend Reinvestment Plans Administration

Dividend Reinvestment Plans provide the opportunity for shareholders to purchase shares by reinvesting cash dividends or sending in additional cash contributions. Shareholders become long-term “buy and hold” investors who support bank management, which helps build loyalty.



There are distinct benefits to your bank, depending on how shares are purchased. The first option is buying shares in the open market, which creates demand for your stock and supports the price, especially if it is undervalued. The second option is buying stock from the bank’s treasury, which helps your bank raise capital inexpensively. Your PST Bank Specialist can tailor a plan that’s best for you.

Bank Merger and Acquisition Services

A large percent of banks will make an acquisition in the coming years.  PST’s team of in-house specialists are ready to help you manage all of your corporate action services.  PST provides efficiency unmatched in the industry, reducing the time your shareholders wait for their proceeds.  Our bank specialists have experience in converting issues from every major transfer agent and all “core” bank systems for small, private banks.


Our approach is to seamlessly provide all of the services needed with one phone call, freeing upper management to focus on their strategic initiatives.

Grid of services for transfer agents

More than just a transfer agent. We provide customized solutions for your business.